How early do we have to book you?

Ideally the earlier the better. Unless you have exceptional circumstances the minimum time you can give notice (legally) is one month out. To avoid disappointment, I would suggest booking your celebrant as soon as you can. There are some awesome celebrants around so find the one that suits you best!

What is the process associated with booking a celebrant?

If you want to book me, the quickest and easiest way is to complete the enquiry form and then we check that I am free for your selected date or dates you have provided then we go from there. Go on, you know you want to enquire.

What if we need to get married within a month?

I will work with you to submit a shortening of time application. These are only accepted in exceptional circumstances but if time is of the essence and you want to discuss or have a situation that requires you to speed up the process, please give me a call and we can chat!

Can we have add-ons or tailor some of your packages?

Of course! Click the enquiry form and we can chat further about your circumstances and what exactly it is you need!

Do you only service South East Queensland?

Absolutely not. I’m local to SEQ but I’m open to travelling for wedding as well. A reminder that if I am travelling, you will be required to pay accommodation and flights on top of the service fee.

Will you write a personalised story for us?

If you book my ‘Whole Shebang’ package I will absolutely be writing a personalised story (if that’s what you want of course!). Give me the tea and let me get into the nitty gritty. A lot of your friends and fam probably don’t know about your love story so it can be so fun to share and for you guys to reminisce on the times shared to get to this point too! I love it!

Do you marry same-sex couples?

The simple answer is, I marry couples. Whether or not you’re same-sex is completely irrelevant to me. Love is love and I’m here for it in every form!

We don’t even know where to start with vow writing or what a wedding process looks like, help!

Don’t panic. I’ve got you! I have created an e-book for all of my couples who book with me. This is a personalised information pack based on your selection of my services, some of the finer details relating to your day and also tips and tricks for writing your vows. We can work it together, I promise it’s not as scary as it seems!