Meet Tori Brown


Hey there, I’m Tori, the smiling face behind Grace & Soul Celebrancy.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the planner and organiser for countless fun parties and special occasions with my friends and family. After years of doing this as a hobby, I decided to take the plunge and get certified in an internationally recognised Diploma of Wedding and Event Planning, after completing my Bachelor of Business.

I started Grace & Soul Celebrancy because creating meaningful moments with my loved ones ignites a fire in me and I wanted to extend that same joy to others. Now, as a registered marriage celebrant and qualified event planner, I’m here to help you turn your wedding dreams into a reality.

I’m all about good vibes, great tunes and having a laugh! I believe it’s the small, simple pleasures in life that make the best memories, and I love making people feel good. I’m known for my warm nature and my love for people, so you’ll always feel comfortable asking me any questions about your big day.

I’m a natural perfectionist, so I’ll make sure every detail of your wedding is just right. The greatest compliment I can receive on your wedding day is for your guests to assume I’m your friend who just so happens to be marrying you too!

I can’t wait to get to know you and your partner and start crafting a ceremony and experience you’ll treasure forever.

Tori x

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Why I started Grace and Soul Celebrancy

I have a passion for people and I love developing personal relationships with each and every client. I believe wedding ceremonies should set the fun vibes for your big day, not just be the pathway to free drinks later!

It’s 2024 and I want all you lovers out there to have the wedding YOU want, that represents you and your unique relationship. I don’t want people to simply have a ceremony that ticks the traditional (often boring) boxes, because we’ve all been to those weddings and that part was far from memorable, am I right?
The best way to get married is your way and I promise your family with the traditional values (I’m talking about you Aunty Karen) will love it because the ceremony will be a representation of you.

We’ll still do the usual legal requirements (approx. 124 words and a few other things I’ll take care of) and Bob’s your uncle – you’ll be on to the party with your nearest and dearest!

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